Aok’s Handling Of All Our It Troubles

AOK’s handling of all IT troubles, eliminates our need to staff an employee solely for IT, thus saving us money. AOK’s customer service is what sets them apart. I feel like part of the AOK family, not just customer number 1432. I have personal relationships with Bob, Kerri and Paige. I can and do talk to them like my family. I am not just another service call coming into a call center. You may be able to find hundreds of companies that can fix computer issues, but I prefer to work with people that care.

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We Are Backed Up Every Day And Not Having To Worry

Making sure that we are backed up every day and not having to worry that if any piece of equipment was stolen or destroyed is very important to make sure that the continuity of our business flows in case of any disaster. Also, the security that the software that manages malware and viruses is always up to date so I don’t have any issues with bugs, etc. Because they keep records from all problems associated with each computer on file, regardless of which IT technician is contacted for service, they are able to review our file for that computer and search the history for anything that we may not remember such as login’s, passwords, downloads, etc. This company is always looking out for the future of IT Technology and making sure that they are going one step beyond to ensure that the security and server needs are being met before they become a problem internally.


The Knowledge And Responsiveness Of The Staff

The knowledge and responsiveness of the staff. The fix it right the first time attitude that the staff has. A lot of issues are trial and error but AOK seems to get it right the first time most of the time. They are one of the friendliest IT companies that I have worked with and they like to get the job quickly and accurately.

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Quick Response And Reliable Service

Quick response and reliable service. Technicians you can trust. Personalized service, our employees trust AOK that they are there to support them and help them when needed. AOK dedicates their staff to knowing how your system operates and most importantly the limitations and idiosyncrasies of our employees

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After Over 18 Years With Aok, We Have Never Had A Need To Switch

The ability to log in and fix or repair our issues immediately. What do you feel we do better than other IT firms you may have worked with in the past? As Bob and the AOK team already know, we always refer people to them. Due to their prompt care and attention. Bob and his team are also assist in HIPAA questions, off site storing of data. Any IT need that we have, AOK can take care of it. After over 18 years of utilizing their services, we have never had a need to switch.

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